St Mary’s Church Portchester Wedding

by Darren Matthews Hampshire Wedding Photographer


This year has started out with us having a flurry of enquires from couples getting married at St Marys Church in Portchester this year, in 2019 & into 2020 too – so about time I wrote this blog page with a gallery that shows how fantastic this church looks in the photography. Situated in the grounds of Portchester Castle, this church is yet another historic landmark here on the south coast, that we are blessed with to use as a setting & backdrop to our wedding photography.

We followed Claire & Patrick’s wedding day from start to finish, but this gallery picks up from us meeting Patrick at the church & shows highlights of their beautiful mid-September wedding ceremony. St Marys Church in Portchester is a perfect example of why 2 photographers are a necessity to capture so much more of the ceremony with the minimal of fuss. More importantly it means we don’t need to move around during the ceremony & being a distraction, an approach that all the churches are extremely happy with. Just as important are our professional lenses used at very wedding, it means we can still capture all the action from a distance, even in very low light – which is just about every church in the country.

Although not possible on this wedding day, there is the opportunity (if we ask the National Trust nicely) to take the Bride & Groom into the grounds of Portchester Castle Keep on the day to create some stunning photography and we would be happy to give assistance in arranging.

If your wedding day is at St Marys Church in Portchester then contact me for a copy of our wedding photography brochure by email at or via the contact page at


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